Emma Muir MSW (Master of Social Work)

Emma completed her Bachelor of Social Work at Carleton University and her Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto with a specialization in children and their families. Emma continues to regularly attend training to support specific children’s mental health topics to better support LGBTTQ young people, particularly transgender youth, young people who self-harm, and promoting secure family attachments.

Emma has experience working with children, youth and families from all walks of life who are facing difficult situations. She has extensive experience providing individual psychotherapy to young people experiencing anxiety, depression, and related behaviours such as school avoidance, and offering psychoeducational support to parents. Emma also has significant experience working with young people who have behavioural concerns and/or ADD/ADHD diagnosis, and with their parents to create structure in the home. Emma currently is employed at a community children’s mental health agency where she provides psychotherapy to youth aged 12-18 and their families. Emma previously facilitated the FRIENDS for Life group for children aged 5-12 experiencing anxiety.  She also has experience in Walk-In Clinic settings providing single session therapy to young people aged 3-19 and their families. Emma has experience working in child protection and in clinical roles with young people and families with insecure attachments. Emma previously worked in Canada’s North and gained an interest and competency in working with Indigenous children and families.

Emma has experience providing individual therapy, family therapy, and parent support. Emma uses a variety of clinical modalities such as CBT, DBT informed, ACT, and Solution-Focused. For family therapy, Emma also uses systems theory and functional theory to guide treatments. Emma values diversity and human rights, and incorporates these values into practice.

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