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Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates offers English horseback riding lessons and horsemanship in a recreational setting apart from treatment. Our unique lessons have a combination of horsemanship skills on the ground and mounted work as we truly believe that each of these are crucial to a rider's development. Whether you have never ridden before or have ridden for a number of years our horse coach can help to improve your skills. Although like to focus on individual skills in lessons, we also offer semi-private and group formats for riders that are able to demonstrate appropriate skills to successfully join one of these lessons. 

Horse Back Riding Lessons

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Dr. Fountain's Horsemanship Club

At Dr. Fountain's Horsemanship Club children will be able to gain valuable skills in a structured environment with experienced mentors.  Children will have the opportunity to use this recreational program to learn skills in:  horse handling, care, safety, stable management, groundwork and riding.  Both riding and groundwork will be used as a foundation to teach children basic horsemanship skills.

Visit us again for updates on this program!

Dr. Fountain's Animal Care Group

Lets have fun learning about responsibility, relationship and self-regulation.  Our goal is to give your child an opportunity to experience what it is like to care for animals and pets on the farm.  Your child will also develop their self-regulation, relationship building skills and self awareness.  During this 14 week program, your child will be assisting with different chores and animal training, learning about different techniques and the fundamentals of animal care and handling.  This is a small animal experience for the most part but may include one night of work with larger animals, such as the horses (in the 14 week program).

Visit us again for updates on this program!
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