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Career Opportunities

Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates is a collaborative team practice in psychology. Our staff include a wide variety of mental health professionals. The practice has a strong emphasis on learning, supervision and professional development. Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates often takes on new placement, practicum, internship and residency students at all levels looking for supervised practice in psychology, child and youth work, and other related fields. Also from time to time Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates has positions available on the practices permanent staff. Below are links to career positions open currently, applications for such positions and student placement, practicum, internship and residency applications.

Internships & Placements

Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates provides training programs at a variety of levels to help prepare students to become competent mental health professionals and autonomous clinical psychologists. Practicum/placements are offered in a variety of disciplines including Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Child and Youth Workers, and Addiction & Mental Health Certifications.  Each training program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge appropriate for assessment, treatment and ethical decision making required for licensure. Students are integrated within our treatment team and day treatment programs and receive direct supervision from clinical staff in accordance with relevant professional standards and university/college training requirements. 

Clinical Psychology

Please contact our Psychology Training Director, Dr. Patricia Zimmerman, with any questions about psychology training opportunities at Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates:


Dr. Patricia Zimmerman, Ph.D., C.Psych


Telephone:      905-655-5813

Fax:                   905-635-1180

Email:      (with attention to Psychology Training Director in subject line)

Doctoral Residency Program in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates also provides a dynamic Doctoral level clinical psychology residency training program with children and adolescents. The overarching mission of the psychology residency program at Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates is to provide a holistic, applied training experience to prepare residents for entry to supervised practice as a clinical psychologist with children and adolescents, with a sense of professional purpose and identity, a commitment to lifelong learning and an appreciation for creative and integrative applications of evidence-based practice with this population.

The Doctoral Residency Program in Clinical Psychology at Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centres (APPIC) and participates in the APPIC Match.  The Program Code number for Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates for the APPIC Match is 1879. The application deadline is November 15th of each year.  Our psychology residency program is also a member of the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP).

The residency program at Dr. Angela Fountain and Associates is not accredited with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA); however, as of October 10, 2023 we have received authorization from CPA for a site visit.  While we can attest that we are committed to maintaining the highest training standards as we continue to work through the accreditation process, we cannot guarantee that our program will ultimately be granted accreditation status with CPA.

For more information on CPA accreditation please visit  You may also contact the Canadian Psychological Association Head Office at 141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 702, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J3. TEL 613-237-2144 or 1-888-472-0657 at ext. 334; EMAIL




For further information about the program and application requirements, please refer to the Residency Training Brochure.

Other Student Placements

**Not currently accepting applications

**click here for placement position details

Volunteer Opportunities

**Not currently accepting applications

Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates takes on a variety of volunteers throughout the year within the camp programs, equine programs and on the farm. Volunteering is a great way learn about the field, gain experience and get your hours towards high school and school applications.

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