Summer Day Camp 2020 Cancelled

Due to health and safety concerns for campers and staff, we have decided it unsafe to run our Summer Camp program this year.  

Click below to view some of the virtual options we are currently offer for children and families, including: 

  1. Free Virtual Kidsfit program on Fridays at 12pm

  2. Free Virtual Animal Care Program on Wednesdays at 9:15am

  3. Free Virtual Parenting Seminar with Dr. Fountain on Wednesdays at 12pm

Summer Youth Day Treatment Camp

This summer we are proud to offer a special Child and Youth Day Program for children who have completed Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8 experiencing social-emotional problems and/or learning disabilities. The program is specially designed to be fun and enjoyable while at the same time providing our young clients with the essentials for developing strong healthy relationships, confidence learning and practical problem solving skills. Embedded in thematic weeks of fun and adventure in a country setting are opportunities for individualized and group skill building in the areas of social skills, anger and anxiety management, impulse control, sustained attention and learning skills. 


Visit our FAQ section for more details. 


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Click on 2020 brochure

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Registration CLOSED!

Doing Some Spring Cleaning?

We are accepting donations of the following items to help make our

"Craft Shack" Complete

Leader In Training (L.I.T.)

(Gr 9-12):

Signature Camp 1 Jun 29 – Jul 10

Superhero Camp 1 Jul 13 – Jul 24

Signature Camp 2 Jul 27 – Aug 7

Superhero Camp 2 Aug 10 –Aug 21



Early Bird - $700 (By March 31st), Regular Fee - $740 (Apr 1– May 16), Late Fee - $780 (After May 16th)

L.I.T Program

The L.I.T. program is offered for high school students looking to build on their leadership skills and get invaluable opportunities to build employment skills...

Registration Application Process

Step 1: Click button below to Fill-out Application Form and make an initial deposit Payment 

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  • If you are registering more than one child for camp, please complete One Intake Questionnaire for EACH CHILD  

  • Please ensure that once you have finished filling out the Application form you click the SUBMIT button to indicate that the form in ready to be reviewed for approval by our staff. 

Step 2: Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates will be in touch to schedule an intake for your child once the Registration Application has been received, reviewed, and approved


Step 3: If your child is accepted to the program, you will then receive a Registration Form Package to fill out and we will require payment at that time to confirm your child's spot in the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the registration process work?

  1. Submit Application and Deposit

  2. Office Review

  3. Intake Meeting

  4. If approved from meeting, submit remaining paperwork and pay any outstanding fees by appropriate deadlines

  5. Attend our camp program and have a blast! 😊


Does my child have to be a current client at your practice to attend camp?

No! 😊 Current clients likely will not have to complete an intake again. However, all new campers must complete a camp intake prior to starting camp. At this meeting a member of the camp staff will take a background history, gather information about presenting problems, and discuss individualized goals for your child in the areas of social skills, anger/anxiety management, impulse control, sustained attention and learning skills.


My child is a client at your office and will be attending camp, can I also send my other children to camp at the same time?

Yes! We support all children at our camp. We believe that everyone has goals that they can work on and these can be addressed in many ways throughout our camp program.


Does my child have to have a diagnosis to attend camp?

No. A diagnosis is not required to attend our camp program.


Is this Group Therapy program covered by OHIP?

Our program is not covered by OHIP, HOWEVER, if you have extended health care coverage for Group Therapy under Psychological, Psychotherapy and/or Social Work Services, you will be able to submit your invoices for this aspect of the program for reimbursement of these fees.


What are the hours of camp?

Our regular camp program hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. We also offer extended care in the morning and afternoons for an additional fee, starting as early as 7:30am and going as late as 5:30pm.

How with the animals be incorporated into programming?

There will be no separate horse program offered this year (as Dr. Angela and Associates had offered in the past ). However, this year we are integrating all of the animals into the whole program. There will be some different ground activities that are scheduled with the horses that all of the children at camp will be able to enjoy. This does not mean that your child cannot ride at camp. There will still be the opportunity to earn horse and pony rides, Oscar time or grooming/feeding time with the horses through our tuck shop.

How will the children in the camp be split into groups?

Age is taken into consideration when dividing our campers into groups for their daily activities. We try our best to match your child with other children who are within 2-3 years of your child’s age.


Do you offer programs for teenagers?

We offer a Leadership In Training Program for campers grades 9 to 12. Campers must be going into Grade 9 in September or older to be eligible to participate in the Leadership In Training Program


How old does my child have to be to attend camp?

We offer camp program to children who have completed JK- Grade 8 and additionally offer a Leadership in Training Program for children grades 9-12.


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations must be received at least ten business days prior to the start of the camp session for which the child is registered into. If notice is given the ten days prior, you will receive a refund of all but $40 for approved refunds per session. Refunds are not permitted for those who register or cancel registration within ten business days to the start of the camp session.


Can my child carry their cell phone on them at camp so that I am able to reach them? How can I reach my child in case of an emergency?

It is Dr. Angela Fountain & Associates policy to not allow any form of electronic device or cell phone at camp. This policy is in place to ensure campers safety, privacy to treatment and maintain the camp experience. Campers are not permitted to have these devices in their bags or on themselves at any time. If a counsellor becomes aware that a camper has a device on program, staff will remove the device and keep it safe until the end of the day in the office. Devices will only be released at the end of the day to parents and/or guardians. In the event that you need to reach your child or your child needs to reach you, you can contact our front office at (905) 655 – 5813.

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