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Initial Consultation - Psychological Intake

All clients start with an initial consultation of at least one and one half hours. In that consultation the therapist will take a background history, gather information about presenting problems, and give you an opinion on the best intervention to fit your needs. They will discuss with you the various options you have in selecting treatment with our service. They also can give you assistance with what services are available in your community that are publicly funded and/or OHIP based.

Intake Process for Child, Youth & Family Services

Once you click on the link below you will receive an email that will redirect you to a secure website where you can complete and submit “Intake History Form”. Fill out this questionnaire at your own convenience. The form will take you 20-30 minutes to complete but your answers are saved as you go, so you don't need to finish it all in one sitting. Submit the form only when you have answered all that you can. 

Once all your documents have been received, our office administrator will contact to you to set up an appointment.

Please fill out the form above if your child is NEW to our clinic

Please fill out the form above ONLY if your child has previously attended services here at our clinic

Intake Process for Adult Services

We are currently full for new adult clients. Please check back for when we may reopen to take new adult intakes
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